Sunday, September 21 will represent the first-ever meeting of Kerry and Donegal in an All-Ireland SFC final. With both counties wearing green and gold strips - albeit in different configurations - it was initially expected that a change of jerseys would be required for the game, but the GAA have since confirmed that their usual kits can be used.
As can be seen, any confusion that does exist isn't a direct colour-clash, but rather what you might term an 'overall clash', i.e. Donegal's green shorts with the gold jersey threatening create the potential for a mix-up.

Something similar occurred in the 1993 All-Ireland final between Cork and Derry, or it could also be compared to meetings between Clare and Tipperary.
In the 2012 All-Ireland quarter-final between the counties, both changed but Donegal's jerseys had more green then than it does since they changed from Azzurri back to O'Neills. A similar change now (see below left) would be overkill really, but there would be, in our view, the possibility for a compromise which would allow both to wear close to their normal outfits and still avoid a clash.

Kerry have done this in the All-Ireland finals of 1981, '82 and '97, while there is also a precedent from the 2013 All-Ireland club final between St Brigid's and Ballymun Kickhams. Then, the Dublin side, normally attired like this, drastically reduced the amount of green in their strip, greatly aiding the differentiation between the sides.​ Taking cues from that, below we have two suggestions on what could have been done for Sunday week. Let us know your thoughts, either by tweeting us @pitj1 or emailing