From a young age, the website's creator has had a huge interest in design and the various aspects associated with it. This has ranged from, naturally enough, sports kit, to things such as branding, vehicle design, racing car livery, tractor colours and numbering systems and cigarette packaging.

From the middle of the 1990s, GAA jerseys began to become more fashionable as they were sold in bigger numbers, leading to greater changes in their design as new versions were released every few years.

Sites such as True ColoursHistorical Football KitsUnited KitsClassic KitsColours of FootballFootball Shirt Culture (all soccer), Footy Jumpers (Australian Rules), Football Uniforms Past and Present (American Football) and Uni Watch (a blog dedicated to all sports) provided interest for me and there was always a hope that a similar showcase of GAA outfits might appear.

Eventually, it became clear that if such a project was to be undertaken, it would be me doing the undertaking - no harm given the amount of useless information being carried around in my head. 

As a result, here is Pride In The Jersey.