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Kerry and Mayo and the need for change

by Pride In The Jersey on 08/21/11

Today (August 21), Kerry meet Mayo in the All-Ireland football semi-final. Both counties have mainly green jerseys, Kerry with a gold hoop and Mayo a red one, but a change of colours has not always been required when they have met in the championship.

Here, we evaluate clashes between the counties since 1981, and also offer some suggestions as to how the problem may be circumvented.

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1. David Morrissey said on 8/23/11 - 05:22PM
Interesting article with a few good suggestions Denis
2. Richie Quigley said on 8/30/11 - 08:20PM
The point on different coloured shorts is well made, I remember Meath wearing green shorts against Mayo in the '96 final and the '88 semi final and they just didn't look right.
3. Teddy Bonsworth said on 9/4/11 - 02:01PM
Interesting article

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