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Dublin v Cavan, 1960 National Football League semi-final

by Pride In The Jersey on 04/12/11

When Dublin and Cavan met in the penultimate stage of the 1960 National Football League, the counties were mandated to change their jerseys due to a perceived colour-clash. What ensued was little short of farce, with almost every attempt to find a solution being frustrated. Read about it here.

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1. David Morrissey said on 4/13/11 - 04:48PM
Very interesting article Denis. My god them Cavan boys were stubborn back then eh! Just who did they think they were? Dublin's shade of blue back then would have worked ok i think but the white with sky blue collar change strip was lovely and if Dublin were willing to wear it then that other bunch of miserable mules should have played ball (literally). What problem did they have with Dublin wearing Meaths gear then? Such an awful pity they beat Dublin with their arrogance
2. Ronan Smith said on 4/14/11 - 07:32PM
Another fine article and a really interesting read. Being from Cavan it's disappointing to read that the County Board were so stubborn back then. Would love to see them in matches such as League semi's etc but not holding my breath. While I'm here does anyone know if Tipp (or Cavan ironically!) changed colours in the league game in Breffni last Sunday?
3. PITJ said on 4/14/11 - 07:41PM
Thanks for the comments lads. To answer your question Ronan, Cavan wore a white version of their new jerseys, picture available to view at http://www.prideinthejersey.com/cavantipp2011.html

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