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Colour clashes in All-Ireland finals

by Pride In The Jersey on 09/14/10

The winners of Sunday's All-Ireland football final will be the first side since 1996 to claim the Sam Maguire Cup wearing a change strip. In the site's first article, which you can read here, we analyse previous colour clashes in finals.

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1. john said on 9/25/10 - 08:41AM
what a load of bollocks this site is...... lame effort in fairness.if something is worth doing,its worth doing right.
2. PITJ said on 9/26/10 - 11:00PM
Thanks for the comment, John. Not sure exactly why you feel it's such a lame effort, the front page states that it's a work-in-progress.
3. David Morrissey said on 9/27/10 - 02:25PM
I think its a noble effort and a good start by Denis and will improve over time. Cut him some slack John. also denis site is the first of its kind so your going on about effort where is your gaa kit site so john? best of luck denis with the site and well done
4. John Devlin said on 9/27/10 - 08:05PM
Great site! Can't wait to see how it develops with more articles and kit illustrations. Really interesting to see the Irish strip designs and hear about the teams' reluctance to don away kits. Keep up the good work!
5. Ronan Smith said on 10/4/10 - 07:51PM
"john" doesn't know what he's talking about' I'd like to see a prick like him make an effort' if John Devlin says the site is great then that's all you need cos that bloke DOES know what he's on about. Great to see this site from a Cavan man here in London. Wasn't the Offaly change kit from '82 just the best kit ever? Would make great Republic away kit. Good Luck
6. matt said on 10/7/10 - 09:04PM
Super site nice to look back at the changing kits for GAA. keep it up
7. Peter McCarthy said on 10/7/10 - 10:42PM
Keep at it, great work.
8. deiseach said on 12/7/10 - 10:02PM
Don't feed the trolls, I look forward to this site growing over the years. Although I object to the charactersing of green jerseys with a gold hoop as 'Kerry-style' when in reality they are Kilrossanty-style. Which is the kind of thing I look forward to reading about!
9. Rian said on 12/13/10 - 06:57PM
Great idea, I share an interest in the history of GAA kits. I'm not aware of them being documented anywhere else. Keep 'er lit! look forward to seein the site develop.
10. US Exile said on 1/27/11 - 03:32PM
Great concept for the site. Hope it gets the exposure required and continues to grow!
11. David Morrissey said on 2/21/11 - 06:06PM
On the colour clash issue, when Tipp beat Laois in 49 both wore the traditional colours but can anyone tell me did Tipp and Wexford switch to provicial colours some time in the 50s
12. PITJ said on 2/21/11 - 06:47PM
In 1951 they did David - I think Laois may have had plain blue jerseys with no hoop in '49
13. David Morrissey said on 4/13/11 - 04:55PM
The offaly shirt of 1982 has become as iconic as the Michael Thomas Arsenal shirt of 1989.
14. Roger said on 7/29/11 - 05:06PM
While technically no colour change in all ireland since 96, when Kerry played Mayo in the final in 97, the gold hoop was extra wide.

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