Updates 9-12-14: The first of the 2015 kits have been revealed. Kerry and Roscommon added, with more to follow. 

24-11-14: To be honest, we can take or leave the International Rules Series (is one game a series?), but we will continue to record the kits. The new Ireland strip has been uploaded, its predecessor will be added soon.

5-9-14: We were delighted to help when asked to contribute to a feature on jerseys by Irish Times journalist Una Mullally. You can read the piece here.

3-9-14: To what extent is there a colour-clash in the All-Ireland football final and could it have been avoided? Take a look at our suggestions here

29-8-14: New Wexford change jersey included.

18-8-14: Laois wore a new white change jersey against Tipperary last week.

9-7-14: Antrim update.

7-7-14: Longford change jersey up.

5-7-14: The Kukri Sligo kit is now included. Interestingly, Kukri's logo appears on the socks, which is contrary to GAA rule. 

23-6-14: Donegal change shirt, as worn yesterday, added. New black Antrim shirt (and white worn by hurlers against Wexford) to follow.

18-6-14: The 2014 Waterford shirt by Azzurri is now in the county's gallery.

4-6-14: A little bit overdue, the new Wexford jersey uploaded.

27-5-14: Dublin and Cavan change strips, and Cork goalkeeper shirt, added.

4-4-14: Finally, some updates again. Limerick change shirts added.

27-2-14: Westmeath shirt added.

9-1-14: Donegal shorts and socks corrected. Westmeath have agreed a sponsorship deal with Mullingar Renault dealers O'Briens, the new shirt will be added in the coming days.

7-1-14: New Wicklow jersey uploaded, along with a Dublin variation.

2-1-14: Rather belatedly, we are now on Twitter. Find us @pitj1, where any new updates will be posted.

1-1-14: A happy new year to all visitors to the site. We are hopeful of making substantial improvements this year, so any suggestions are welcome, please contact admin@prideinthejersey.comDonegal have returned to O'Neills after a decade with Azzurri and we have to say that we very much like their new strip.

17-12-13: Derry won the Ó Fiaich Cup by beating Armagh on Sunday. Interestingly, both sides wore alternative shirts though there hadn't been any change when Derry played Louth.

13-12-13: New Cavan kit added.

3-12-13: Limerick have unveiled their new strip.

2-12-13: The new Tipperary shirt, which has generated considerable debate, is uploaded.

28-11-13: New Derry jersey added, as well a Wexford update.

23-11-13: Laois have returned to O'Neills following a 10-year absence (shorts and socks subject to change).

20-11-13: New Dublin strip added. Waterford are also set to get a new kit but as yet only the jersey has been seen; it will be uploaded as soon as all details are available.

28-10-13: After a bit of a hiatus we're back, with the Connolly Antrim shirt from 1996 now included.

25-9-13: The white shirt worn in this evening's GOAL Challenge added to the Dublin page.

24-9-13: Dublin claimed their second All-Ireland in three years on Sunday. See their kits from 1989-2013 here.

20-9-13: Mayo gallery complete back to 1989.

12-9-13: More Dublin shirts, now back to 1992. Captions, as well as some more variants, to be added.

11-9-13: Older Dublin jerseys being added. Many thanks to Barry Rojack for his help with pictures of these.

7-9-13: As Clare are in tomorrow's All-Ireland hurling final against Cork, some important Banner kits from the 90s have been added.

24-8-13: A bit overdue, but a start finally made on the London gallery. More to be added soon.

20-8-13: A few more Down updates.

10-8-13: Something different - what if counties changed shorts as well as jerseys when clashes arose?

3-8-13: Monaghan second jersey added.

31-7-13: Down gallery complete from 2003-13, in the hope that all of the different Gaelic Gear jerseys have been included. 

4-7-13: I hate Gaelic Gear.

2-7-13: The first step of a Down update with the 2004 kit, more to follow as I try to find all the different Gaelic Gear variants. An overlooked Antrim 1996 strip will be added tomorrow too.

14-6-13: Antrim now complete to 1994. If you can fill in any gaps or have any other theories as to why they wore sponsorless jerseys on occasion, please get in touch.

11-6-13: A couple of older Antrim jerseys added, more tomorrow with captions to follow. Big Dublin update on the way.

5-6-13: New Monaghan kit and the Dublin shirt worn against Westmeath last weekend have been added.

17-5-13: The Derry gallery is now updated back as far as 1993.

14-5-13: Derry complete from 2001-13, with captions included too. More to follow.

29-4-13: Limerick met Offaly in the Allianz Football League Division 4 final at Croke Park on Sunday, and the solid green back on the Faithful's new jerseys meant that both changed and donned previously-unworn shirt.

16-4-13: Galway change jersey worn against Westmeath belatedly added. Fermanagh history now complete from 1994-2013, please let us know if there are any omissions.

15-4-13: Kildare's new alternative shirt, worn against Tyrone in the league semi-final yesterday, has been added to the county galleery. In the recent league game against CavanWicklow wore a new style of change shirt, while the new Cork goalkeeper jerseys have been included too.

10-4-13: Down change jersey added. Also, Irish journalist Dave Hannigan, who is now based in the US, recently posted a piece on his blog about the (lack of style) seen on GAA shirts - it's well worth a read. We would take issue with his criticism of the Limerick shirt, though, as we think it's by far the best around at the moment.

9-4-13: Apologies for lack of recent updates, a holiday to New Zealand took priority and a technical error on site meant that the post announcing this was not published. There will be a lot of updates this week as a result, beginning with the change shirts worn by Meath and Fermanagh in their league game on Sunday.

8-3-13: Finally, new Galway jersey - worn by both the county hurlers and footballers - added. Suggestions on a better way to represent the county's gallery welcome!

5-3-13: Cork launched their new kit today, with Chill Insurance as the new sponsors.

27-2-13: More Fermanagh shirts added. It was interesting to see at the weekend that Ballinasloe forgot to bring their jerseys to the All-Ireland Club JFC final, but wearing Na Fianna's kit didn't seem to hamper them as they beat Kenmare Shamrocks. 

It brought to mind Donegal turning up for a league game with Roscommon in 2002 and not having a change set, meaning they wore Roscommon's blue jerseys. Apparently, in the 1960s, Wexford neglected to bring their jerseys to a Leinster hurling final with Kilkenny and somebody was despatched to Clerys to buy 15 new tops, meaning they played without numbers, causing consternation for commentator Mick Dunne. If you can confirm this story or provide more details, please get in touch at admin@prideinthejersey.com.

21-2-13: Start made on a Fermanagh update.

20-2-13: Big Kildare updare, back as far as the Pitman-Moore sponsorship days.

19-2-13: New Offaly shirt uploaded.

18-2-13: Update to Meath gallery, back as far as 1992. New Galway jersey will be added soon.

6-2-13: New Leitrim jerseys added.

5-2-13: Cork jersey with Mercy Hospital Foundation logo now included, as is the new Down jersey.

2-2-13: Apologies for the lack of recent updates, it is something that we will try to put right over the coming days. For now, new Kildare shirt and Tyrone change kit added.

23-1-13: It would appear that white shorts for Tyrone are a permanent fixture.

17-1-13: Back on track thankfully, with the new Armagh change shirt, used last night against Down, now included. Tyrone have worn white shorts against Antrim as well as Derry in the McKenna Cup, but we will wait to see if this becomes a regular occurrence before we move it from the 'Change Strips' gallery.

15-1-13: Due to buying a new computer and the site-editor currently being incompatible with Windows 8, we are prevented from making proper updates for the moment but rest assured normal service will be resumed soon!

10-1-13: Waterford update back as far as the mid-90s - a lack of pictures from before then is proving to be a regular problem. Thanks to Niall Howard of Come on the Déise blog for his help.

8-1-13: With thanks to Leo Gray of the Sligo Champion newspaper, a Sligo jersey from 1992 has been added.

The pre-season Gaelic football competitions didn't throw up too much in the way of jersey news. Cork played in their existing shirts against Cork IT in the McGrath Cup despite their deal with O2 having ended, with a new design due in time for the start of the national league. 

Additionally, the FBD League game between Roscommon and Leitrim saw both teams wear change kits. A possible reason for this might have been Leitrim only having their gold jerseys, leaving Roscommon with no other option but to wear blue. We shall try to get to the bottom of it.

Further looking reveals one other notable change - in the Dr McKenna Cup, Tyrone as usual wore white shorts against Derry, but the O'Neill County are now wearing white socks too.

7-1-13: Update to Longford page, but only back as far as 1995 because we have once again hit a dead end in terms of researching back further than that. As with Sligo, please get in touch if you can help.

1-1-13: We wish everybody who comes to the site a happy new year. The Sligo page has been updated back as far as 1994. We would have liked to have gone back to 1991 and the introduction of jersey sponsorship, but in the process of our research we hit something of a brick wall as pictorial evidence of games before '94 could not be found. If you can help then please email admin@prideinthejersey.com

28-12-12: The kits of the reigning All-Ireland champions Donegal from 1991-2013.

27-12-12: Cork, 1986-2012.

26-12-12: A happy Christmas to all of our visitors. We're hoping to keep updating the site over the festive season, and to that end the Cavan page is now complete from 1992-2012.

21-12-12: New Louth jerseys added, and in addition that county's gallery back to 1991 has been properly sorted and captions updated.

As well, a previously unreported Dublin jersey from 2010 has now been included.

20-12-12: Another small blog posting, asking for people's opinions on the strangest goalkeeper jerseys seen in matches.

17-12-12: Offaly have moved to the top of the table of counties with the most comprehensive gallery, complete from 1990-2012

16-12-12: It was about time we added a new entry to the Articles page. Read about Clare's refusal to change jerseys for th 1967 Munster huring final.

14-12-12: Captions added to Mayo jerseys and new 2013 Antrim jersey added, may be revised after we get a better look at it. In addition, there has been an update to the Longford gallery.

In addition, we have added some of Wexford goalkeeper Éanna Martin's UCC and Geraldine O'Hanrahans designs to the interview we did with him recently.

13-12-12: Mayo finally updated, primary jerseys completed from 1993-2012, change kits and captions to be added tomorrow.

6-12-12: New Dublin jersey for 2013 now available to view. Cork are due to launch a new shirt as the current versions' three-year lifespan has expired, but the county have still to conclude a deal with replacement sponsors for O2.

28-11-12: Long-awaited Mayo updates added, 1993-96 uploaded.

27-11-12: New jerseys for 2013 added - ArmaghMeath and Tyrone.

30-10-12: Unfortunately, we will have to admit defeat - for the moment - with Mayo, as holidays mean that the site will not be updated again until November 26. Please check back then for more additions.

26-10-12: Mayo jerseys from the 1990s, manufactured by Connolly, are proving more troublesome than initially thought, but they will be added soon. In the meantime, you can busy yourself with our interview with Wexford hurling goalkeeper Éanna Martin, who has a passion for sportswear.

23-10-12: Louth gallery updated back to mid-90s, but we are not 100% sure of the dates when each shirt was used - if you can help, please get in touch at admin@prideinthejersey.comMayo update tomorrow and, in addition, we may soon be running an interview with an intercounty hurler who has more than a passing interest in GAA jerseys, who has even designed strips for a team he has played for!

18-10-12: Louth jerseys 1999-2005 added.

16-10-12: Monaghan now updated back as far as 1995, captions to be added soon.

15-10-12: Monaghan jersey from 2007 added, more to follow tomorrow.

10-10-12: Large Tipperary update, going back as far as 1995.

6-10-12: Kilkenny and Clare goalkeeper jerseys from 2012 added.

26-9-12: Did any club in Ireland have more changes in such a short space of time as St Mary's, Athenry did in the late 1990s and early 2000s? If one did, then let us know at admin@prideinthejersey.com!

25-9-12: Apologies for the lack of updates, a laptop accident - which could have had even worse ramifications - was the cause but the problems have been overcome. Updates tomorrow, including a feature on a club who went though a lot of design changes in the 2000s.

5-9-12: The poll on whether there should have been a change for the Cork-Galway game has been taken down, with final result 84% to 16% in favour of one of the sides wearing different jerseys. In Cork, county senior hurling champions Carrigtwohill and Sarsfields clash in a quarter-final this weekend, but despite both clubs having predominantly blue jerseys, no change has been ordered.

Lest we be accused of just wanting change for change's sake, we saw on a couple of forums that people were wondering if there would be a colour clash in the All-Ireland final betwee Mayo and Donegal. While Mayo changed when the counties met in the league, we don't feel that there is any fear of confusion and both counties should wear their normal jerseys.

27-8-12: Topically, given the recent poll, Cork and Galway played in the All-Ireland Ladies Football U16 final on Saturday, and Cork wore white, despite the fact that the Galway jerseys were darker than those of their county's senior hurlers'. In addition, Clare and Antrim both changed when they met in the All-Ireland U21 semi-final, but the regular Clare goalkeeper jersey was worn, with only the saffron hoop around the
midriff to differentiate from the other shirts.

18-8-12: Long-overdue revamping of Index page, aimed at making 
navigation a little bit easier. Keep coming back for more kit-related articles in the near future.

17-8-12: Time for a little bit of interactivity. A few messageboard users and Twitter users on Sunday mentioned the fact that they were finding it difficult to tell Cork and Galway apart, and we'll give the players that excuse for what seemed like a very high number of misplaced passes. To get an idea of the overall opinion, we'll open it to the floor, so please select either 'Yes' or 'No' depending on whether or not you had problems differentiating the sides.

13-8-12: O'Neills seems to be having trouble being consistent with Cork goalkeeper jerseys, while Galway's Cyril Donnellan yesterday became the first player in a good while to to wear long sleeves in the championship.

9-8-12:  Big Cork update.

5-8-12: Donegal's change kit, worn against Kerry today, now included.

31-7-12: A couple of older Clare kits added, including the rarely-seen saffron socks from 1998.

30-7-12: Apparently, both Kerry and Donegal will change strips for Sunday's All-Ireland quarter-final in Croke Park, the Kingdom in their blue jerseys with their opponents believed to be lining out in a white version of their new shirts released at the start of the year.

9-7-12: Thanks to county board PRO Rory Murphy, we get to the bottom on the Wexford jersey situation. Rory also provided us with another nugget of info which will be used on the site at a later date.

6-7-12: Roscommon changed to their blue jerseys for last Sunday's game against Armagh. In the 1977 and '80 All-Ireland semi-finals, as well as a minor game in 1992, both counties changed, but it is not as much of a clash nowadays as Armagh's shade of orange has darkened. That meant that the red change Roscommon goalkeeper shirt actually caused more confusion than their normal primrose would have.

4-7-12: Despite a few different designs having been slated to be the new Wexford jersey during the spring, the only actual change made to the senior teams' strip has been that front numbers are now gold rather than white.

29-6-12: Updates assume a proper pace again, with the new Sligo jersey the latest to be added.

25-6-12: Tipperary's new shorts and socks, seen against Cork yesterday, added.

23-6-12: Despite launching a jersey in 2011, Kilkenny premiered a new design in this evening's Leinster SHC semi-final with Dublin.

22-6-12: Sunday's Cork-Tipperary game will be the first time that Dónal Óg Cusack will have missed a championship match through injury since taking over the Rebel number 1 jersey. See every shirt he has worn since 1999 here.

18-6-12: New Galway hurling jerseys added, also Westmeath change goalkeeper shirt.

22-5-12: Laois change shirt worn against Longford and Limerick goalkeeper jersey from Waterford game added. 

18-5-12: See Monday's Irish Examiner for a feature on naff jerseys. Kilkenny's 2000, '02 and '03 strips added, also Wicklow's 2009 kits.

16-5-12: Kilkenny jerseys from 2004-09 added.

9-5-12: Wexford shirt added, as worn by the county's underage sides thus far, we are as yet unsure if the Club Wexford logo will be on the senior team's kits.

7-5-12: Apologies for the lack of updates recently, things will get going again this week, including the addition of the actual new Wexford jersey.

12-4-12: All four counties in Sunday's Allianz Football League Division 1 semi-finals at Croke Park will be wearing their alternative colours. Kerry and Mayo will be wearing the blue and red jerseys respectively worn in Tralee last week, while Cork will be in white and Down in all-black.

31-3-12: New - hoopless - Mayo jersey added.

26-3-12: Longford change jersey worn against Tipperary at the weekend (and against Cavan earlier in the year) added.

22-3-12: New Armagh (regular and goalkeeper) and Westmeath (change) jerseys added.

19-3-12: Some long-awaited updates, in the form of the new RoscommonKerry and Fermanagh jerseys.

27-2-12: It would appear that Wexford have changed their minds and will actually be lining out in a new strip more reminiscent of the outgoing offering. They wore purple against Antrim yesterday, however, so we will have to wait to see it in the flesh.

Clare did play in a new strip on Saturday night against Limerick, though one would have been hard-pressed to spot the differences at first glance. The socks are quite unique, however.

23-2-12: New Wexford jersey added, a return to what is regarded as the Model County's 'classic' design.

16-2-12: Due to holidays, updates are slow at the moment but there should be progress at the weekend.
7-2-12: As well as Donegal and Derry, some other counties also premiered new kits on the opening day of the Allianz Football League. Cork wore another variation of their white change shirts in Armagh, Westmeath used a new kit featuring the logo of new sponsors Annebrook House Hotel, Kildare had a new green alternative strip against Tyrone (with navy shorts and socks and Laois launched an 'interesting' new design against Mayo.

Incidentally, there had been speculation that Mayo would wear a special commemorative kit against Dublin next weekend, but according to mayogaablog.com, those plans have been shelved. The Dubs  carried the logo of suicide charity Suicide Or Survive against Kerry on Saturday night, but Vodafone will return to their chests on Saturday night. As pointed out by Marcus Ó Buachalla on Irish Mediawatch, sponsorship has become big business.

2-2-12: Both Donegal and Derry are expected to be lining out in new jerseys for the start of the Allianz Football League this weekend. The new Donegal kit is a similar design to that of Waterford, while Derry's outfit will feature the logo of a new sponsor as their deal with Ladbrokes has ended.

30-12-12: White and pink Tipperary jersey worn against Munster now added. In the McKenna Cup final against TyroneDerry wore the logo of supporters' group Club Derry. Antrim did something similar in recent times when between the sponsorships of Bushmills and Creagh Concrete.

26-1-12: Tipperary play a Munster selection on Saturday in a game to raise funds for breast cancer, with both sides wearing jerseys featuring pink. 

23-1-12: Vodafone, the sponsors of Dublin, have agreed to allow the logo of charity Suicide or Survive to be used for the Dub's opening national league games. In addition, Fermanagh have agreed a new deal with Tracey Concrete (fair play to her) so the a new long-sleeved jersey with sponsor included is being worn. 

15-1-12: The early-season craze of wearing change kits despite there being no clash continued today. Donegal wore white jerseys against Cavan, while Louth did likewise against Meath, lining out in their previous change design.

On Saturday night, Derry wore their red alternative strip against UUJ, though under floodlights white and sky blue can be hard to distinguish.

14-1-12: Waterford have a launched a new strip for 2012, with the biggest change being the return of white shorts.

10-1-12: Long-sleeved TipperaryMeath and Fermanagh jerseys worn on Sunday added.

9-1-12: New Article added, looking at the times that counties have worn three different jerseys in consecutive championship games. 

In addition, Antrim secretary Frankie Quinn gave a prompt response to our query yesterday. While white is the Saffrons' choice when they can't wear saffron in hurling, the football change colour is black, and the reason that that was worn yesterday is that a new saffron set had not been received as the O'Neills factory only reopened today after Christmas. 

It's also worth noting that Fermanagh played in unsponsored jerseys in that game as their deal with Tracey Concrete has concluded.

8-1-12: The first day of on-field action in the new year and already a couple of notable things for us jersey-nerds. Galway wore white against NUIG, who also have a maroon kit, in the FBD Connacht League, while Antrim changed kit against Fermanagh in the Dr McKenna Cup. In the first place, one wouldn't have thought that a change was required, but what was odder was that black jerseys were used rather than their traditional alternative choice of white.

6-1-12: Continuing Antrim updates. Hopefully we will be in a position to add a new Article on Sunday, focusing on the occasions when counties have worn different jerseys in three consecutive championship games in the same year. It has happened more often than you might think!

3-1-12: More older Tipperary kits added, as well as some additions to Antrim page.

1-1-12: The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that the incorrect font has been used for 'Tiobraid Árann' on the sleeves and socks of our renderings of Tipperary strips. This has now been corrected, with some goalkeeper kits added.

25-12-11: Happy Christmas to all (both?) of our readers. Tipperary 2011 change jersey added, with further Tipp additions on the way.

21-12-11: O'Neills regularly use three stripes on their gear, leaving many to wonder how adidas let them get away with it. The companies clashed in court over the issue in the 1980s and the outcome is documented in our Articles section.

20-12-11: Updates being made to Louth and Offaly pages. Check back tomorrow for the publication of a new article focusing on a GAA kit-related question that pops up from time to time, one that is often accompanied by various incorrect answers.

19-12-11: New Longford jersey now included. Like most of the 2012 offerings from O'Neills, asymmetry is a notable feature though overall it's quite a good design. 

18-12-11: New Carlow jersey for 2012 added. Quite a departure for the Dolmen County, we are not fans of the break with tradition.

11-12-11: A regular correspondent of the site is David Morrissey, and recently he provided us with a great little nugget. The senior hurling side of Dublin club O'Toole's are sponsored by umbro.ie, but due to the GAA's regulations that kit must be manufactured in Ireland, they jerseys are still made by O'Neills. Sligo's back catalogue is also being updated.

2-12-11: New Kerry jersey for 2012 now added, as well as a Clare goalkeeping rarity from 2009. A start has also finally been made on Galway hurling kits.

30-11-11: A gallery displaying the strips of the sides that competed in the 2011 Cork Senior Hurling Championship is now available to view.

27-11-11: Better late than never, all counties' galleries have now been transferred to the new format. Navigate from the Index page, and on each individual page click on a kit for a larger view. Expect plenty of updates in the next week, including some club items, while a new site will also be announced soon.

18-11-11: New Kildare kit for 2012 added, while International Rules gallery almost complete back to 1998. If anybody has any info on the kits worn in the 1990 series, please email admin@prideinthejersey.com. Kerry have launched a new crest in the past few days so a new jersey is likely to be forthcoming soon.

27-10-11: It's that time of year again, when the International Rules series plays havoc with club championship calendars. Ireland's new jerseys for 2011 aren't bad to be fair, but they only serve to show how terrible the other offerings have been. Click on individual kits for larger images.

5-10-11: Recent additions made to Louth and Cavan galleries. Those two, Longford and Kildare will all be complete back to 2000 (with captions) in the near future.

15-9-11: Kildare change jerseys added, Longford also in the process of being updated.

4-9-11: In today's All-Ireland hurling final, Kilkenny corner-forward Colin Fennelly was forced to change jerseys after a blood injury. There didn't look to be anything unusual about him donning a number 32 shirt, but on closer inspection it proved to be an older jersey from 2009, featuring the crest on the sleeves, no outline on the number and the GAA's 125th anniversary logo.

2-9-11: Kildare jerseys for past decade now on site, a prize for anybody who can spot the differences between each design (there isn't really).

30-8-11: Kildare gallery in the process of being updated.

29-8-11: Donegal fans disappointed at yesterday's loss to Dublin in the All-Ireland semi-final can console themselves by looking at the county's jerseys since changing to Azzurri in 2003.

23-8-11: Kerry's blue jerseys on Sunday meant that they had worn three different styles in consecutive championship matches. Such an occurrence might be considered unique, but it is not the first time it has happened. An article on the subject will follow in the next few days.

22-8-11: The jerseys worn by Kerry in the semi-final yesterday were different to those used against Limerick in the previous round and against Meath in the 2009 final. Check the new royal blue change jersey, among others, on the newly designed Kerry gallery.

21-8-11: Today Kerry play Mayo in the All-Ireland semi-final, the seventh time that the counties will have met over the past 30 years. In the latest addition to the Articles page, we examine how this colour-clash has been dealt with (or has not been dealt with, as the case may be).

20-8-11: Mayo gallery updated in new style, which will soon be added to other county pages. Click on kits for larger images.

13-8-11: Mayo jerseys 2006-11 now viewable, with more to be added over the weekend.

10-8-11: Kerry and Mayo will wear change jerseys when they meet in the All-Ireland senior football semi-final on Sunday week, August 21.

9-8-11: Laois page updated back to when they changed from O'Neills to Azzurri in 2003. English soccer teams regularly get pilloried for the amount of kit changes they make, but Laois had an amazing amount of variations, avoiding criticism because many of them were so subtle that they went generally unnoticed.

5-8-11: Seamus and Aidan O'Shea of Mayo both take large O'Neills jerseys whereas most of the rest of those ordered are medium, though that still doesn't explain exactly why their shirts had two stripes. Updates will soon be made to the Laois gallery.

1-8-11: Some Mayo players wore 'two-stripe' versions of their county jersey in Sunday's All-Ireland quarter-final win over Cork. It's something we'll try to get to the bottom of.

27-7-11: Down and Armagh pages updated with recent changes.

26-7-11: Kerry and Limerick will both be wearing change kits for Sunday’s All-Ireland SFC quarter-final at Croke Park.

Barring a 2007 league game in Killarney where Limerick wore white, the counties never changed when encountering each other, with last year's Munster final at Fitzgerald Stadium causing confusion for spectators. In this year’s provincial semi-final against Kerry at the Gaelic Grounds the Shannonsiders opted for their alternative outfit, however.

The all-white strip with green pinhoops, also worn by the Limerick U21s against Kerry this year, will be seen again on Sunday at GAA headquarters. The Kingdom, who have often worn the blue of Munster in the past, will wear navy jerseys and white shorts, the same kit used in beating Meath in the 2009 All-Ireland semi-final.

19-7-11: Down will wear an all-black kit for Saturday’s All-Ireland football qualifier clash with Cork at Croke Park .

On the only other two occasions that the counties have met in the championship, the 1994 All-Ireland semi-final and last year’s decider, Cork have worn white while Down have lined out in the gold and black of Ulster.

It has been confirmed, however, that the Mourne Men will don a reversal of their new jerseys which were launched before this year’s championship, similar to the shirt normally used by goalkeeper Brendan McVeigh.

Down previously wore all-black in a national league game against Cork at Castlewellan in 1982, which finished in a draw. Cork will again wear the white kit which served them so well in the All-Ireland final.

In the curtain-raiser at GAA headquarters on Saturday, Kildare and Derry are both expected to change from their traditional predominantly white strips. Kildare will wear green, the colour of Leinster, while Derry ’s change outfit of a red jersey with white hoop will also be on show, meaning that none of the four counties playing will be wearing their usual jerseys. 

11-7-11: Waterford gallery now complete back as far as 2002 with text included, an amazing number of variations worn by the county, including Clinton Hennessy's green number in yesterday's Munster final. Wexford currently being updated and text soon to be added to other counties.

6-7-11: First update to Waterford gallery, more to follow in the coming days.

12-4-11: Finally an addition to the Articles page, looking at the travails of Dublin in trying to sort a colour-clash with Cavan in the 1960 National Football League semi-final

22-3-11: Galway football almost complete back to 2002. Any info on the goalkeeper jersey used against Westmeath in the league in 2009 would be greatly appreciated, please contact us at prideinthejersey@gmail.com or click on the Contact button. Clare gallery to be updated next, check back in the next few days.

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