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Wexford hurler Éanna Martin designed the UCC jerseys in his time there - we spoke to him about his interest in jerseys.

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by Pride In The Jersey on 01/12/16

Come on - an opportunity to reference David Bowie like that was hardly going to be passed up. It is fitting, however, for the noteworthy kit developments at the weekend.

On Saturday, Cork played UCC in the annual Canon O'Brien Cup challenge game. It was the fourth running of it and the teams have taken it in turns to wear alternative shirts, with this year being Cork's turn. It meant a first sighting of the new white jerseys - again, a plain reversal of the red - but, when Cork full-back Patrick O'Mahony got blood on his shirt, he returned wearing number 31 but it was in the previous style. Clearly, O'Neills had only been able to supply one set numbered 1-26 at this early stage in the year.

In the Dr McKenna Cup in Ulster, Cavan met University of Ulster Jordanstown on Saturday night. The first half of the game at Kingspan Breffni Park saw both teams in predominantly blue shirts, albeit in differing shades but - perhaps due to the heavy fog - Cavan came out in their alternative shirts in the second half. It meant that Seánie Johnston, making his return for the county, still looked like he was playing for Kildare.

In 2012, Wexford looked to be headed for a traditional style while their underage teams wore a completely different kit. Read the story here.