Welcome to Pride In The Jersey, the first-ever website dedicated to documenting the history of GAA kits.

County jerseys can be accessed by going to the Index page. 

Updates 13-2-15: A south Leinster feel to today's additions, the new Carlow and Kilkenny shirts (we have to put in some KK captions, we know).

1-2-15: The opening day of the NFL saw the premiering of new change strips for KerryTyrone and Mayo. The good, the not bad and the ugly, you might say.

15-1-15: An interesting Carlow variation, as well as the new Tyrone sponsor.

9-1-15: Wexford update, gallery complete back to 1991.

18-12-14: New AntrimMayo and Roscommon jerseys added. 

9-12-14: The first of the 2015 kits have been revealed. Kerry added, with more to follow. 

More than four years old, we remain the only site focused on GAA strips. It is fitting that this is being undertaken now as Gaelic games are becoming more popular outside of Ireland as well as within. This is clear in that many bookmakers who are not of Irish origin - including Betway - now recognise Gaelic football as being a sport on which people can now place bets. Established almost 130 years ago, the GAA seems to be receiving the recognition it so truly deserves.


On December 18, we launched our new sister site:

Click on the link above to be taken to the first-ever (yes, we know, we're quite the pioneers) site dedicated to the history of the kits of Irish rugby teams. Initially, it will focus on the national team and the four professional provinces, buy beyond that the sky is the limit.